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Introducing the Station Announcer

A Very simple Audio system for adding sound to stations for realistic station announcements, comes with 66mm speakers that can be mounted below stations/base boards or fitted inside a station building – requires a device that can play Audio MP3 files, i.e. Laptop, PC or Android device.

2 Channel Amplifier with separate volume controls for each channel. The kit comes with a 3.5mm Stereo audio lead, power supply and 2 x 66mm powerful speakers with 2M leads ready to be terminated to the Amp. Can be Screw mounted into place or fitted to DIN Rail

Audio Hardware

Audio Station Announcements

Below are samples of Station Announcements, Brian & Amy. We record the announcement with our audio software, therefore we can taylor the recording to suit any location, times and services. This can be fictitious locations or real locations.

Listen to Amy
Listen to Brian

DCC Supplies

DCC Wiring Kits
Guagemaster Extension cable
ExpressNet extension cable
End of Line Termination Filters
Track Dropper Connection Boards


Lighting Control
Lighting & LED's
00 Gauge Lighting
N Gauge Lighting
Scenic Effect Lighting

Track Power

Track Power Connectors
Solenoid Point Control & Power
Servo Point motors, Cables & Control

Confused by transformers?

Do you struggle to understand Transformers and their values? VA to Amps etc. etc. Try our calculator, for free, to calculate for the correct size transformer for your layout. Alternatively get in touch and we can work this out for you, why struggle when help is at hand? We understand electrics to save you the worry. Also we can calculate the correct resister values for LEDs and many more calculations, please just get in touch by our contact page or email us mail@modelrailelectrics.co.uk or call on 01622 535931, we are ready to help.

The electrical side to a model railway layout does not need to be a nightmare – it can be fun and very enjoyable and certainly rewarding, plus can be used to create atmosphere to a layout.

Volt-amps to Amps Calculator


Cable Ties
Circuit Protection & Fuses

Cable & Wire

7/0.2 Cable - 100M
16/0.2 Cable - 100M
24/0.2 Cable - 100M
32/0.2 Cable - 100M

Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies
15 VA Boxed Transformer
30 VA Boxed Transformer
60 VA Boxed Transformer
Connection Boards

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