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Bespoke PCB's

Our PCB design service is very flexible. We can take your idea or circuit drawing right through to a fully design PCB and manufactured PCB ready for soldering up with Components. We are happy for our customers to take as active a role in the design process as they

DCC Fitting Service

Our DCC fitting service is to fit a DDC Decoder into your locomotive. Approx. 2 week lead time. This is an option for us to fit one Decoder into one Locomotive. If your model is a DMU or a top & Tail set then you will need to purchase 2 fitting services. If in doubt please get in contact..

Model Rail Electrical Design

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur Do you feel nervous about the electrical side of your layout? We are here to help, right from the beginning (which is the best time to start the electrical design) through to completion (is a layout ever complete?) we are offering support to assist you in every step

Confused by transformers?

Do you struggle to understand Transformers and their values? VA to Amps etc. etc. Try our calculator to for free to calculate for the correct size transformer for your layout. Alternatively get in touch and we can work this out for you, why struggle when help is at hand? We understand electrics to save you the worry. Also we can calculate the correct resister values for LEDs and many more calculations, please just get in touch by our contact page or email us mail@modelrailelectrics.co.uk or call on 01622 535931, we are ready to help.

The electrical side to a model railway layout does not need to be a nightmare – it can be fun and very enjoyable and certainly rewarding, plus can be used to create atmosphere to a layout.

Volt-amps to Amps Calculator
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