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Model Rail Layout Electrical Design Service

Complete Model Rail layout Electrical design service

Do you feel nervous about the electrical side of your layout? We are here to help, right from the beginning (which is the best time to start the electrical design) through to completion (is a layout ever complete?) we are offering support to assist you in every step of the way. We are offering you a complete design service to design the electrical side, saving you the need to worry. A simple service to use, we can assist you in every step, you can have as much or as little input to the design or we can just simply do it all. What ever your needs are, we can help. DC or DCC, its all the same to us, we can design either type of electrical layout, recommend systems subject to your design brief and requirements in DC & DCC and according to budget.

Design Brief

Firstly we discus the project with the client to understand the design brief the client has, go over the layout track plans, type of control, i.e. DC or DCC, control system manufacture, layout size and scale, how many trains running, point control, lighting etc. and any other detail that will assist in the design like room ambient lighting (yes it is possible to control the light in the room used for the layout but may involve an electrician to help)

System Design

Now we have a full understanding of your requirements we then design and specify the electric part of your layout. This will include all aspects of control from point & Signal control through to the Cabs to drive the rolling stock. we will also plan the droppers for powering the track, all lighting design and resistor calculations for the correct resistors for any LED’s regardless if they are control panel indication LED’s or effect lighting LED’s. On completion we issue PDF diagrams ready for you to follow with full explanation behind the design.

Final details

On completion of the design and sending of the documents through, we will include a full BOM (Bill of Materials) and a no obligation quote to supply all the needed components and parts. Regardless if you buy from us or not we will support the whole ay through so you get the layout you deserve.

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