DC or DCC Model Rail Layout Electrical Design Service


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DC or DCC Model Rail Layout Electrical Design Service

We understand that electrics can be tricky for some and we are here to help you get the best in your layout. Our Electrical design service is very flexible, we are happy for our customers to take as active a role in the design process as they wish: we can take an initial brief and independently produce a completed design, or we can work in close liaison with interactive feedback every step of the way. We understand electrics to save you the effort.

Once you have made a purchase of this service, we follow this very simple process to assist you every step of the way.

Step 1. We will contact you to discuss your project requirements and to fully establish the full scope of the project.

Step 2. The electrical circuit is then designed and drawn onto a document as a schematic and at the same time specifying all the current parts to use to build a complete but expandable system for the now and the future.

Step 3. Once the schematic is approved by yourself, issue you the full drawings you need to fully connect the layout up.

Step 4. We will also then issue you a parts list and a quote for all the components required to complete the electrical build.

Step 5. To be Fully available every step of you installing the electrical system to your layout to ensure you get the very best your layout deserves in the electrical area.


No postage or shipping for this service, this will be applied if products are purchased at the quote stage.


Any questions please use our contact form or call 01622 535931 where we will happy to discuss your requirements


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