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Our PCB design service is very flexible. We can take your idea or circuit drawing right through to a fully design PCB and manufactured PCB ready for soldering up with Components. We are happy for our customers to take as active a role in the design process as they wish: we can take an initial brief and independently produce a completed design, or we can work in close liaison with interactive feedback every step of the way.

Step 1. We will contact you to discuss your project requirements and to fully establish the full scope of the project.

Step 2. The circuit is drawn up in the software, specifying the components and adding the component footprints.

Step 3. Once the schematic is approved by yourself, we import the schematic into the PCB section of the software, we can then layout all the components in the board outline.

Step 4. When the PCB layout is agreed, we then can route all the tracks to complete the PCB design.

Step 5. Release the files to yourself including the BOM (Bill of Materials). At this stage we will also release an estimate for PCB manufacture.

Step6. We will also releases an estimate to fully assemble all the components to the PCB’s


Any questions please use our contact form or call 01622 535931 where we will happy to discuss your requirements


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