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Model Railways lighting wiring centre, designed to make installing lights on your model railway easy, 10 way outputs, each having its own space for a divider resistor to be fitted, which gives a fixed voltage, in which all can be the same or different voltage output. All 10 outputs are switched at the same time. suitable for any lighting up to 12VDC.

  • Volatge reducing dividing resistors to give a fixed reduced voltage output from a 12V Power supply.
  • Based on 12VDC supply, input screw terminals plus a output to connect to the next board.
  • Suitable for up to 10 lights to be connected with each lighting output with its own dividing resistor to give a fixed voltage.
  • Boards is without resisters fitted so you can fit your own resistors or specify what resistors you would like to be fitted and we will fit them before despatch. (No extra charge)
  • Each board has switch input to switch the relay, all you need is a SPST switch (see are other listings for the switch).
  • If you want to switch 2 boards at the same time then use a DPDT switch and connect one board to one side of the switch and the next board to the other side of the switch. This can be done for up to 4 boards using up to a 4PDT switch – We can supply a wiring diagram for this and any other switching option you would like help with
  • Come with a 1A 20mm Fuse.

Once we have received your order we will contact you to ask what voltage output you need fitting and we will calculate the correct resistors. All we to know is the Volts of the lights you are connecting. if you are unsure of these details then send us a link to the lights and we can work it all out for you.


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