Point Motor Board with 2 Latching Outputs


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Point Motor Board with 2 Latching Outputs designed to make wiring up of the points easy. No soldering to the board is required, simply connect power from the CDU, connect a single Pole Double Throw momentary switch to the switch input and the point motor to terminals A, B & C and it is ready to go. The board can be mounted near the Point Motor or near the CDU. 2 latching outputs then for LED’s or powering the Point Frog or Signals controlling the junction

Shown is one example of how to use the outputs, many other possibilities are possible like directional signalling with points and more, if you need help to work out how to wire the relay unit up we can supply a wiring diagram to suit your needs.

  • Simple installation reducing the use of the Soldering Iron
  • works with any CDU for power
  • Complete with instructions
  • works with our CDU Power Destitution Board


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