Very Handy Relay Switch


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The Very Handy Relay Switch is a latching relay. It takes a pulse to set the relay on then a separate pulse to set the relay off again. Being a DPDT contact configuration makes its suitable to work in conjunction with standard 3 wire point motors, and ideal for switching both frog and signals or frog and lights on a panel. The Very Handy Relay Switch will also have many other uses around the layout, just requires a (on)-off-(on) switch to control it. Has a contact rating of 2A @30VDC or 1A @ 125VAC. Switching voltage of 12-24V DC.

Shown is one example of how to use the Very Handy Relay Switch, many other possibilities are possible like directional signalling with points and more, if you need help to work out how to wire the relay unit up we can supply a wiring diagram to suit your needs


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