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The original SBOOST II.

DCC Booster to increase the power available to your layout or to create isolated power districts.

2.5 Amp maximum output.

Can be configured to auto-reverse.

Download the SPROG IIV4 user guide

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Host Interface DCC
DCC Interface Booster
Booster Output Current 2.5 Amps
Recommended Input Voltage 12 – 18V DC regulated
Output Voltage Determined by the power supply
Maximum Input Voltage 20V
Separate Programming Track Output No
Service Mode (Programming Track) Programming No
Ops Mode (On the Main) Programming Yes – when use with a system that supports this
Auto-reverse Yes – set by internal jumper link


More Information – SPROG Family

SBOOST II is a 2.5Amp DCC power booster, with optional auto-reverse operation.

SBOOST II is ideal for use with a SPROG II to drive a larger layout than can be handled by the SPROG II with its 1 Amp output, or with the SPROG Nano to create a computer controlled command station. The SBOOST II is also compatible with other makes of DCC system.

Download the SBOOST User Guide here

Even larger layouts can be driven by dividing them into “power districts”, each driven by an SBOOST II.

Power Supplies

SBOOST II requires a regulated DC power supply of 12 – 18V at least 2.5 Amps.

Multiple SBOOST II may be powered by a single power supply, but in that case the supply must be able to supply at least 2.5 Amps for each SBOOST II, e.g. at least 5 Amps for 2 x SBOOST II.

Suitable power supplies for a single SBOOST II are available from our on-line shop.


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